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Do we think we are immune from the wrath of God? Many Nations before us were entirely obliterated because of the rejection of God Almighty, His Oneness, and breach of Divine Commandments.

The Muslims of America will continue to expose and refute the hate, lies, and extreme ideology that threatens the lives of Muslim American law abiding citizens; who are doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, coaches, carpenters, businessmen, mothers, daughters, Elders, and sons.

This is a call for all people of the Book (Holy Qur’an, Torah and Gospel) to come together based on religious commonality in response to the situation developing as a result of the presidential election. The religious differences among Abrahamic faiths are a few man-made beliefs. We must put those differences aside...

Given are the profiles of 15 anti-Muslim extremists who are frequently cited in public discourse, selected on the basis of their presence in national and local media and for the pernicious brand of extremism and hate they espouse against Muslim communities and the Islamic faith.

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The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA), hosted the International Islamophobia conference at The Muslim Community Center (MCC) of the Capital District in Schenectady, NY. The event began with a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris and Beirut tragedies the day before. It ended with the passing of a resolution to fight Islamophobia, and to demand justice for the three Chapel Hill Martyrs whose accused killer is awaiting trial, and for the residents of Holy Islamberg, whose terrorizer is due to be tried January of 2016.

On June 26, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution provides same-gender couples the right to marry, a historic triumph to the American gay rights movement. However, the decision is surely a tragedy and detriment to humankind for all time to come, placing us at the Hand of Almighty God’s Wrath.

The court ruled 5-4 that the Constitution guarantees due process and equal protection under the law, mandating that states cannot ban same-gender marriages. With this ruling, gay marriage becomes legal in all 50 states.

The Muslims of America, Inc., call for a halt to the hate campaigns against peaceful American Muslims and a focus on unifying against a true enemy of all Mankind. El Sheikh Gillani warns, "The only thing that will save the USA is world peace and unity between Muslims and Christians. All of these ISIS and other extremists are not Muslims.

The British government is responsible for creating Wahhabism and its agenda given to Ibn Abdul-Wahhab through their agents, and is now being carried out by extreme Wahhabis—ISIS. In order to understand ISIS, we should know what Wahhabism is, how it came into existence including some references to its founder, his claims, beliefs, aims and objectives.

The hidden agenda of the Zionist/globalist movement with the ISIS, wahhabi/salafi terrorists as expeditors, and led by Israel to gain control of the world's wealth and resources, requires they render the nations of the world helpless in a state of complete anarchy, pit Christians against Muslims in a clash of civilizations, and covertly cause the destruction of their economies and infrastructure.

On Friday, August, 29th, 2014 a delegation of American Muslims representing the International Qur'anic Open University, visited the United Nations headquarters in New York City in response to media reports of imminent danger and lawless revolution being instigated by Tahir ul Qadri, a Canadian citizen, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

(Rock Hill, South Carolina) - The United Muslim Christian Forum is pleased to conclude their seventh interfaith program commemorating the blessed lives and missions of Jesus, son of Mary and the Holy Last Messenger of Almighty God, Muhammad (peace be upon them) which was held Saturday, April 21 at 1:00 PM on the historic campus of Winthrop University's Byrnes Auditorium in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


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