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This is a call for all people of the Book (Holy Qur’an, Torah and Gospel) to come together based on religious commonality in response to the situation developing as a result of the presidential election. The religious differences among Abrahamic faiths are a few man-made beliefs. We must put those differences aside...

الحكومة البريطانية هي المسئولة عن خلق الوهابية وأجندتها المقدمة لابن عبد الوهاب من خلال وكيلهم همفر، ويجري الآن تنفيذ هذه الأجندة الوهابية عبر الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام (داعش).

 We are proud to present before our readers an authentic journal of Sufic sciences, the very first of its kind. This revolutionary journal is filled with Sufic scientific knowledge, directly taught by an accomplished Sufi Master, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani, who is the head of the Qadri Order and a scientist of the soul. Sheikh Gillani needs no introduction as his success in curing incurable mental and physical diseases before a panel of international psychiatrists speaks for itself.

British government is responsible for creating Wahhabism and its agenda given to Ibn Abdul-Wahhab through their agent Hempher, and is now being carried out by extreme Wahhabis—ISIS.

In order to understand ISIS, we should know what Wahhabism is, how it came into existence including some references to its founder, his claims, beliefs, aims and objectives. In this paper, we can only mention these briefly, but we invite the attention of serious investigators to do further in-depth study into this phenomena of extreme Wahhabism. The key to uncovering the truth about ISIS lies in understanding Wahhabism. A small book entitled Confessions of a British Spy reveals relevant facts about how the British intelligence agencies created Wahhabism, whose mandate is now the basis of ISIS.

The very structure of spiritual health rests on "peace of heart." If this does not exist many psychological disorders, such as nervousness, leading to neurosis, and other similar disorders will develop.The meaning of Islam is peace or total surrender, meaning thereby surrendering one’s own will before the Will of the Almighty.

Another discourse derived from Surah Luqman, Ayat 12, wherein Allah Ta'ala says: And we bestowed Hikmah upon Luqman: “Show thy gratitude to Allah and who is grateful does so to the profit of his own soul.”

Sultan-ul-Hind Hazrat Khwaja Mu'inuddin Chishti Sanjari (radi Allahu anhu) popularly known as "Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz" (The Benefactor of the Poor) was the founder of the Chishtiya Order of Sufis in India. He is one of the most outstanding figures in the history of Islamic missionary work and Tasawwuf.

Today, more than half of the Muslims on the earth and most of the Ahl as-Sunnah perform their ‘ibada according to the Madhhab of Sayyidina Al-Imam Al-A'zam Abu Hanifah An-Nu'man (radiyallahu anhu)

A presentation of the forty hadith collection by Al-Imam An-Nawawi (rahmatullahi alaih), in English

In this article, effort has been made to narrate, briefly, the salient events pertaining to the fascinating personality, life, history, and heritage of the Sultan of Awliya, Sayyidina Ghawth-al-A'zam, El-Sheikh Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani, radiyallahu ta'ala anhu.

“Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh), Sayyid-ush-Shuhadaa, initiated the holy war against the oppressive regime of the Umayyads and refused to take the oath of allegiance to that authority. It is a sacred legacy bequeathed to posterity by Imam Husain (radiyallahu ‘anh) that Muslims should never submit to any authority which defies the Divine Law, maintains itself by force and foists it arbitrary decisions on the people at the cost of inherent freedom.”

Yawm Al-Ashura is a day of immense historical and spiritual significance. While there are immense treasures to be gained in the extra Ibada performed on this blessed day, the believers should also reflect on the historical importance the sacrifice of our Mawlana, Sayyidina Al-Imam Al-Husain gave along with 72 blessed souls in Karbala — countless and consecutive greetings and salutations upon them all until the Day of Judgment. 


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