Sufic Sciences - Special Edition 2015

El-Gillani Methodology

We are proud to present before our readers an authentic journal of Sufic sciences, the very first of its kind. This revolutionary journal is filled with Sufic scientific knowledge, directly taught by an accomplished Sufi Master, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani, who is the head of the Qadri Order and a scientist of the soul. Sheikh Gillani needs no introduction as his success in curing incurable mental and physical diseases before a panel of international psychiatrists speaks for itself.

This journal is only for those who will approach this subject with a neutral approach and an open mind. As research scholars and students you will have to pay close attention to the information provided as it is based on reason, common sense and scientific proofs. The attentive and sincere reader or aspirant scholar will obtain quick, flawless, and everlasting results in the noble sciences of man, also called psychiatry, or science of the soul. Here, you will stand at the crossroad if you try to understand the articles in this journal with a narrow-minded or prejudiced view.