One of the Greatest Miracles of All Times

From Our Sheikh's Desk

نحمد الله العلي العظيم ونصلي على رسوله الكريم وآله وأصحابه وأهل بيته أجمعين

[This Great Miracle is] timely, and the last warning to oppressors of innocent people, reminding them of the fate of Pharaoh, Nimrod, cities of Petra, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Romans and Greeks. All ignored signs and warnings sent to them. Then Allah’s wrath fell upon them in the shape of tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and lava-spitting volcanoes which destroyed them. One can still see the ruined cities and the dead body of Pharaoh, without it having been preserved with chemicals. These [disasters] are not acts of nature, but the evil consequences of their evil deeds.

No one has ever been able to escape from the immutable law of Almighty Allah (God’s Personal Name) that is: "whatever you sow, so shall you reap". Pay heed – fear and obey Almighty One God, the Lord of Ibrahim (Abraham), Moses, David, Jesus, son of Mary, and the last Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon them all. A matter of fact, [is that] the earthquake in Northern Pakistan and recent floods are due to the wrath of Allah, because of the disobedience of the people of Pakistan, and shedding of blood of innocent Muslims. Oppressors—be they Muslims or non-Muslims—are one and the same in the eyes of Allah. Allah’s justice is done; He spares no one.

I must remind you that Allah’s wrath in New Orleans, tornado after tornado, and horrible incurable diseases – all are results of evil deeds. It is not Mother Nature; it is Divine Law called the Law of the Return of Deeds.

Oh Atheist! By denying God, you cannot escape from His Law; and to those who say "only love is sufficient," they must know that whom you love - you obey, ultimately. If you obey the Law of Allah, He will love you.

This documentary, which is backed by the Divine Miracle, shining for all to see—though the video camera (on DVD) cannot capture it’s Noor (Divine light) emulating from Almighty Allah’s Personal Name—is to guide and warn people so that they know that the age of dominance of Almighty Allah’s Law and religion has started, which will lead into the union of Islam and Christianity. Therefore, stand up and shed your blind materialistic beliefs!

Bow down humbly before Almighty Allah; follow the Ten Commandments. Do not commit adultery, murder, injustices, tell lies, or cheat. If you can’t love Allah, fear Him - because no one has ever escaped from His punishment, though He is the Most Merciful God; yet, He is swift in punishment.

This is the be all-end all; accept or reject it. You have been shown Almighty Allah’s Name, which has never been shown - not even in Baitullah at Makkah tul Mukarama (Holy Ka'bah, the house of Allah, at Makkah, Saudi Arabia) - as it is shining right now, in United States, at Islamberg, New York, for over 100 days, in this month of November, 2010.

“Countless thanks to Allah’s favor and manifestation of His Personal Name in Jami'a Al Qadria Al Gilania, at Islamberg, New York. Allah be thanked. Therefore, I will start with a few lines from Surah Ar- Rahman, where Allah says, ‘How many of Allah’s favors will you deny?’ This is the biggest favor Allah has ever bestowed upon a non-messenger and his followers. (Surah Ar-Rahman:1-4.) ‘The All- Merciful taught the Holy Quran. He created man and taught him clear expression. The sun and the moon both run with precision. The stars and the trees all bow down in prostration.’ I must tell you one incident that happened in the Himaylan mountains at a Khilwat (spiritual retreat) where talibs (students) were present; it happened 35 years ago. I was giving discourses for them, and when I came to this ‘The stars and the trees all bow down in prostration. All the trees went into sajdah (bowing to ground)!'” (Surah Ar-Rahman:4)

“Oh Allah! We cannot thank you for all the favors bestowed upon the Ummah (all those who practice the Divinely-ordained, Islamic way of life) of the Holy Last Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him. We acknowledge the biggest favor and sign of Your Love, token of Your Presence, and Your being with us; we receive it with gratitude, and we have no way to thank You, Oh Allah! We glorify You, in the ways Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, has told us.

Oh Allah! I glorify You, according to the number of Your creation. I glorify You the way You like to be glorified. I glorify you according to the Arsh’s (the Throne on which He sits, not a physical throne) dimensions and width. And I glorify You according to the numbers of the letters to the blackness of the letters from Your Kalam (Pen) and there’s no end to this.”

“This is a very important and great occasion that has taken place in the entire history of mankind! Allah has chosen this Jama’at (religious community) of this humble servant, a Sufi and descendant of His loving Messenger, blessings and peace be upon him, to honor this Jama’at, to make it a role model by manifesting His name with His Noor (Divine Light). Don’t underestimate it’s importance! And don’t take it as something routine, like Allah’s sun – it rises and sets daily.

Some people came, and haven’t returned.. They are the most unfortunate people. Allah has shown so many miracles, His Name is still shining here. What DOES that mean for you and everyone else? All of you that have seen it, with your open heart, now must change yourself 360 DEGREES - a complete turn. If you don’t, then you are like Abu Jahl. Abu Jahl also saw the dividing of the moon [by the Holy Last Messenger, peace be upon him]; but he never became Muslim - it hardened his heart. Here, some of our own people - they have seen it and haven’t come back again; they are the Abu Jahl of our community.”

“I say to each one of you - we have been doing Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah. And Allah says, ‘If you do My Dhikr, I will do it in a better way than you do it.’ So, He did Dhikr and showed His Name, in response to our Dhikr. What we say is: ‘Oh Allah! You are everything for us, we are Your humble servants and slaves; and He acknowledged that. He said: ‘Here I am with you - are you going to be with Me?’ That is an answer you have to give. He says, you’ve been saying all this; you’ve been calling Me day and night, and I hear your call. Here is My Personal Signature on your wall - which you have been beholding for the last over 100 days. Are you going to be with Me or not? That is the answer you must give to Him. And that’s very difficult - to walk with Allah, to be with Allah, for Allah, unto Allah. It’s very difficult. Those people that walk with Him, towards Him, they are the Holy Last Messenger, blessings and peace be upon him, and His Waliaat (friends). The Waliaat followed the messengerhood, the guidance, and hikma and wisdom from him (blessings and peace be upon him), and was handed over to Hazrat ‘Ali, may Allah bless his countenance.

These [facts] are in ahadith (the written accounts of the teachings and actions of the Holy Last Messenger, peace and blessing be upon him) which you find in Sahih Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim (renowned and authentic collections of ahadith). But, you know, when the enemies of Ahl-i-Bait (blessed descendants of the Holy last Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him) came into power, they wouldn’t let the compilers of the ahadith include all those hadiths related to Ahl-i-Bait and their descendants. Like the Holy Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him) said, ‘I am leaving two heavy things amongst you – one is Holy Qur’an and my family, descendants and progeny, and they will come to meet me at Lake Kauthar (a lake in Paradise) and I will see how you treated them.’ This is in Salih Muslim; so you see, some hadiths did escape. What I say is: you have been chosen to forget about your personal desires and personal life. I’m addressing all those who have beheld this Manifestation of Almighty Allah, Subhana wa ta A’la (Great and Exalted is He). His Personal Name is shining in your Masjid Al Jamia.”

You will have to change, live for other people, make yourself a role model of ‘uswai’ (beautiful code of conduct) of the Holy Last Messenger, blessings and peace be upon him. It should emanate from you, from you behavior, from your conduct, and from your talking - bright in talk, gentle is speech, kind and loving to your friends, and kind and loving to your wives [husbands]. A Christian has said, “No love but love.” So,what has happened? They destroyed their own social system. Everyone was doing everything; it’s the opposite in Islam. But here [in the practice of Islam in letter and spirit], the love comes by following the Law. Allah says, if you follow the Holy Last Messenger (blessings and peace be upon him), Allah will love you, and He will forgive your sins.” [Surah Aali Imran]

“So, what do you understand from that? Allah’s Love is [obtained] by following His laws. My topic is: Allah has shown His Love towards you, which He has never shown before to anyone. Now how can you show your love to Allah? You must find out what are the things Allah loves most. Do you know? Allah, Subhana wa ta A’la (Great and Exalted is He), loves Holy Qur’an because it is His book; so make Holy Quran your companion. Read it, first of all, with your heart, believing that you are reading for Allah and before Allah. Therefore, you must learn Tajweed, i.e., reciting every letter correctly, from its proper origin of pronunciation, and with its stipulated attributes. Without ilm (knowledge) of tajweed, you cannot read Holy Quran. And [recite with] tarteel (tarteel is reciting like water that flows gently). You cannot finish Holy Quran in six or seven hours. You cannot rush with Holy Quran. Tarteel means you must stop, pause, pay close attention to the contents.