El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani on the Result of the 2016 Presidential Election


نحمد الله العلي العظيم ونصلي على رسوله الكريم وآله وأصحابه وأهل بيته أجمعين

This is a call for all people of the Book (Holy Qur’an, Torah and Gospel) to come together based on religious commonality in response to the situation developing as a result of the presidential election. The religious differences among Abrahamic faiths are a few man-made beliefs. We must put those differences aside, work toward building a coalition to help one another, maintain a strong reliance upon the Almighty Creator and increase our interfaith unity.

I foretold the disastrous results should this man be elected as the American President. He has come as a test and trial for the faithful adherents of the holy books. There is no reason to cry, weep or despair over this current difficulty. There is no need to leave your homes seeking asylum in other countries. As Americans, know that this is the country you built with your hands. You live and die in your country. This phase is temporary and, Almighty Creator willing, it will pass.

We must remind each other: The Almighty Creator holds all destinies in His Hand. All provisions, including your life and honor, rest in Him. No one can return to Allah before their time. Remain firm in your faith and trust in Him. I repeat, have full belief in the Almighty Creator. Trust in Him! Fear no one, only fear the Almighty and hold firmly to His Ten Commandments.