American Muslims and Christians Celebrate Two Aspects of the Same Reality


(Rock Hill, South Carolina) - The United Muslim Christian Forum is pleased to conclude their seventh interfaith program commemorating the blessed lives and missions of Jesus, son of Mary and the Holy Last Messenger of Almighty God, Muhammad (peace be upon them) which was held Saturday, April 21 at 1:00 PM on the historic campus of Winthrop University's Byrnes Auditorium in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The United Muslim Christian Forum, (UMCF), is an interfaith organization comprised of Muslims, Christians and other Faithful dedicated to the propagation of positive relationships between all God-Fearing people of the world. The UMCF recognizes that Muslims and Christians, who make up over half of the world's population, must join together to stand up against the atrocities of war, injustice, and cruel suffering. Our mission is to promote unity in the belief of One Almighty Creator, and the obligation of mankind to follow God's universal code of morality. To this end UMCF tirelessly works to establish and promote a pro-active platform of fellowship and peace among mankind, the family of God.

Held for the first time in Rock Hill, South Carolina, this annual commemoration was an interfaith celebration showcasing a host of dynamic guest speakers, inspiring hymns and enriching dialogue. The program was enlightening, joyous and entertaining and left those in attendance truly inspired!