Divinely Supported Mission of Unity Between Faiths Will Bring Peace and Prosperity Back to America


The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA) is a divinely guided community – 100% indigenous Americans – which has been raised by Almighty God to give guidance and to bring about peace among the children of God. Its motto is the first lesson in the Book of God: "Mankind is the family of God."

The Divine mission of TMOA is fully supported by a mandate from the Almighty and also miraculous manifestations. These include beholding the shining name of Almighty God and the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him), and rainbows.

However, many people are more enthused about, and also believe in, movies like Avatar and Lord of the Rings; whereas, these movies have been proven to cause mental suffering, depression and suicidal tendencies in those who view them.

On the contrary, which TMOA respectfully refers to its founder, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani, as "Lord of the Rainbows," the Divine sign of peace and prosperity and appear in support of his mission.

With this Divine favor, The Muslims of America do not prefer material boons over it, and following the example of His Eminence, are not interested in obtaining worldly power, acquiring hoards of wealth, or even aspiring to paradise and its houris. El Sheikh Gillani has taught his followers the noble principle of giving for the sole pleasure and love of God. Therefore, no material reward of this life or the other is being sought for assisting the fellow family of mankind, and in this regard, TMOA has always responded to tragedies by giving help and aid to all people, irrespective of color or creed: be it in New Orleans or Ground Zero on 9/11, the 2006 floods in Upstate New York, the far eastern tsunami of 2004, or the South Asian earthquake in Pakistan the following year.

This mission to benefit mankind is carried out without any fear or expectation of favor from any quarter.

Therefore, not to be swayed by monetary bribes, and the like, from those who would prefer to stop the TMOA mission, El Sheikh Gillani and TMOA are put to great test from the conspiracies of those who do not wish to see unity and peace in this great nation. In one recent incident, a sheikh from the state of Georgia and one of his followers visited a TMOA village to investigate the false allegations that are being widely propagated by an organization erroneously named after the teachings of Jesus son of Mary – the Christian Action Network (CAN). However, contrary to the negative messages received from CAN, the men found the community to be open, welcoming and willing to answer any questions the two had, even though they believed the manifestations of rainbows to somehow be a hoax. However, the matter was clarified for the men when they, themselves, beheld a shining rainbow inside a room devoid of light or water sources. Having already viewed documentation of various TMOA projects, the men vowed to communicate the truth about TMOA – and the miracle they had witnessed – to others.

Other, more serious, attacks on the character of El Sheikh Gillani and his followers have been carried out by the corporate mainstream media causing much suffering and loss. The primary example is when His Eminence, El Sheikh Gillani, was defamed in the media as having abducted slain Washington Post journalist, Daniel Pearl. This media terrorism wore on. His Eminence was eventually cleared of any involvement in the case by three US government agencies: the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

However, El Sheikh and his followers continue to be attacked and harassed by news corporations, like Fox News, with never ending unsubstantiated allegations, faked footage, and broadcasts of outright lies.

There was much shock and incredible insult to see that ignorant newscasters dared to refer to His Eminence, El Sheikh Gillani, a forbearing and kind leader, as "Don Gillani." This figment of their own imaginations was presented to the American public as news.

Nevertheless, the Divine mission of peace and unity of the People of the Book – who are all followers of Divine revelation – is backed by the approval of the Almighty Himself. If the adherents of His Eminence, El Sheikh Gillani, follow this program of social cohesion, the mission will certainly succeed, despite such obstacles.

It should be said here that El Sheikh Gillani, has done a great favor to America by reforming its youth by the thousands and by teaching them to be good citizens. No one has done this before. On the contrary, despite engaging educational programs of every stripe, the young people in America are being turned into zombies and driven into mental institutions via horrid Satanic movies – not to mention music, games, books and other media of the same ilk. El Sheikh and The Muslims of America have healed large numbers of people suffering due to the evil effects of Satanic mediums.

At the same time, TMOA administrators and seniors are trying their best to educate people so that they do not engage in antisocial activities. With thousands of members, TMOA and its affiliate, the International Qur'anic Open University (IQOU), cannot be held responsible for the illegal behavior one or two students may engage in. The authorities take charge of such people.

This aside, there is one thing that remains difficult to understand: Why are Muslims being projected as the enemies of America and of Christians? Muslims are the only people who are witness to the fact that Jesus, upon whom be peace, did live as an honorable Holy Messenger of God and that his mother was a pure virgin, a pious and righteous lady; and that Jesus did receive the Gospel from Almighty God. It is the same regarding the Torah, in which all Muslims believe. However, these texts referred to are not the originals, as some portions have been changed over the years.

IQOU and TMOA are achieving good results in uniting the believers in Divine revelation through the United Muslim Christian Forum.

Still, the fact remains the fact, whether it is bitter or not, and that is: Islam is the religion of the first man, Adam, and all of the Holy Messengers who came after him – Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Solomon, David, Jeremiah, Moses, Jesus, and the last Messenger, Muhammad (peace and blessings upon all of them). All upheld the precept of the Oneness of the Almighty Creator and preached the same Law. Jesus will come down soon, and he shall, once again, reunite all true believers.

Therefore, what is hoped for is a mutual commitment with the People of the Book – one of complete understanding and trust – by way of which America may return to the peace and prosperity that it lost after the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Regarding war, it is important to conduct scientific analyses of historical events. The historical process is that the rule of government based on cruelty, oppression, genocide, and inhuman ways never flourished, but eventually was destroyed. One can see the ruins of their destruction in their cities and towns.

Those who do not learn from the facts of history, then the living history itself will teach them the lessons. What are being discussed are immutable laws, which we have observed from analyzing the past 5,000 years of history.

Another immutable law is that any government which shows mercy and kindness to Almighty God's creatures – human beings, animals and all – the Almighty will allow it to flourish and will not destroy it, whether it is being governed by Muslims, Christians or Jews. The Almighty Creator loves those who show mercy to His creation – even to the animals and ants – irrespective of caste, creed, or religion.

TMOA welcomes those who wish to benefit from our Divinely inspired guidance for peace, prosperity, and harmony in this world, and invites proposals by which we can serve our country without compromising our faith.