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The Mightiest Lie Ever Sold

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdock's War on Journalism

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Fox News "Unfair and Imbalanced"


Outfoxed, although very well researched and documented had not received the "media attention" due it.  This documentary draws attention to the techniques and tactics Fox News uses to push an ultra-right wing agenda.  Several examples are given as to how Rupert Murdock  and his lieutenants manipulate the naive viewers into supporting a corrupt Republican regime.

This documentary is unusual as it  offer testimonies from former associates of the Fox News Network as well as memos sent out on a daily basis.  These memos contained the "marching orders" or neo-conservative "talking points, Fox  News reporters  and anchors are expected to follow.  Fox New reports should not be viewed as a fair and balanced unbiased reporting of the news as to happens.  Its agenda is to file reports that fit their agenda and than to spin those reports to manipulate and influence popular opinion in line with the neo-conservative agenda.  Anyone having doubts about the yellow journalism of Fox News will walk away a changed man/woman after viewing these clips.


Fox Outed: The clips


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