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Ryan Mauro, a heavily funded Islamophobe, prides himself in fueling hatred of American Muslims through his false media propaganda, which has been discredited and proven to be baseless, hate-filled rhetoric. Since Mauro’s start, Islamophobia has become an attractive and lucrative business. Mauro narrowly escaped being named in a 2013 defamation lawsuit where his colleagues with Christian Action Network, were sued by The Muslims of America for peddling Mauro’s lies about the community.

The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA), hosted the International Islamophobia conference at The Muslim Community Center (MCC) of the Capital District in Schenectady, NY. The event began with a moment of silence for the victims of the Paris and Beirut tragedies the day before. It ended with the passing of a resolution to fight Islamophobia, and to demand justice for the three Chapel Hill Martyrs whose accused killer is awaiting trial, and for the residents of Holy Islamberg, whose terrorizer is due to be tried January of 2016.

Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight were arrested on June 18, 2013 by the FBI for acts of terrorism associated with the building of a weapon of mass destruction intended to be used against American Muslims. The criminal complaint states the pair worked relentlessly for over a year to build a “radiation-emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation…”